Alternative Dispute Resolution Kansas City Mediation & Arbitration Service

To meet the trend toward mediation, Mr. Preman started Kansas City & Arbitration Service. He personally has mediated thousands of cases.

Both mediation and arbitration are forms of alternative dispute resolution. They are used in place of litigation, which involves taking a dispute to court.

Vance Preman has been named as Kansas and Missouri Super Lawyer for ADR – alternate dispute resolution. His firm, Kansas City Mediation and Arbitration Service, focuses exclusively on ADR. In his long career, attorney Preman has mediated or arbitrated over two thousand cases. ADR has the advantage of providing privacy for the parties in a dispute, compared with trials which are public. It is also a quicker and lest costly to resolve a dispute through mediation or arbitration than by going to trial.


Mediation is a method of dispute resolution whereby a ”mediator” or third party helps the parties in a dispute reach a settlement. The mediator may propose a solution, but does not have authority to make binding decisions. The objective of mediation is to find a middle ground where all parties agree.


When mediation fails, then a conflict may be placed under arbitration. This process involves a more formal approach. The arbitrator has the same powers as a judge, but only for the conflict in question. Arbitration is directed to conclude the case and impose a final decision or resolution of the conflict in the fairest way. The parties to the conflict present their claims, but have no part in the final decision.

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