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Providing legal counsel to victims of serious accidents

Mr. Preman has been asked to work with the Baum Hedlund Firm in Los Angeles on numerous occasions assisting seriously injured people recover their damages. Mr. Preman became a licensed pilot to help understand aviation issues.

Accident negligence cases include all types of vehicular accidents caused by Someone’s carelessness while driving. Vance C. Preman, P.C., in Kansas City can provide counsel if you or someone you love has been seriously Inured in a trucking or auto accident. Attorney Preman focuses on helping those who have sustained life-changing injuries.

Thorough understanding of trucking law

Accidents involving large trucks are among the most serious and deadly in the United States, inflicting terrible damage. Truck accidents can be the result of equipment failure, driver fatigue, driver error, improper loading, driving under the influence of alcohol, or poor maintenance.

Careful examination of records after an accident often reveals serious violation of safety regulations by the trucking company. Putting skilled legal representation on the case as quickly as possible is important because he records pertaining to the case may have a limited lifespan, as trucking companies are only required to keep many of these records for a limited period. These records are important in proving the trucking company’s negligence. It is critical to obtain these records as soon as possible before they are destroyed.

Attorney Vance Preman has over 30 years of experience handling trucking accidents and knows what must be done to build a sound case for the victim.

  • Preserve evidence
  • Investigate the accident
  • Enable physicians to evaluate any injuries thoroughly
  • Enable expert witnesses to evaluate the situation

Without taking these steps, it is much more difficult to prove the trucking company’s negligence. Attorney Preman has a sound record of achieving notable results for victims of trucking accidents. Contact him to see how he can help you.

Fighting for victims of major automobile accidents

Auto accidents are a leading cause of catastrophic injury in the United States. There are many factors to evaluate in determining the cause of an auto accident. Fault in auto accidents is typically assigned based on the law of negligence, so that a person who operates acre negligently may be required to pay damages. Car accidents can also result from other factors, such as:

  • Product liability
  • Improper mechanical repairs
  • Intentional or reckless conduct

When these situations arise, you need the counsel of a knowledgeable auto accident attorney who knows how to deal with insurance companies, where to find the medical help you need, and how to preserve evidence.

Attorney Vance Preman has helped many victims of major automobile accidents receive optimal compensation that enables them to get on with their lives and have the care they need.

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